The Forbidden Fountain of Oz (hardcover)

Oz book #43! Written by by Eloise Jarvis McGraw and Lauren Lynn McGraw. Illustrated by Dick Martin.

On Clover Day in the Emerald City, the Clover Festival is held. Emeralda decides to sell limeade. She enters the Palace Gardens and fills her pitcher with water from a fountain she finds at a fountain there, unaware that it's the Forbidden Fountain! Her only customer if Ozma, who drinks and forgets who she and where she is! Ozma falls in with athe Monarch of the Butterflies, who names her "Poppy," a talking hedgebird, and a lamb named Lambert, who is ostracized from his Gillikin flock for his unnatural color.

The McGraws became the Royal Historian of Oz in 1963, when Reilly & Lee published their excellent book Merry Go Round in Oz. Nearly 20 years later, in 1980, the International Wizard of Oz Club produced their first follow-up to that book, The Forbidden Fountain of Oz. Due to the positive reception it received, the McGraws later released another excellent tome, The Rundelstone of Oz, illustrated by Eric Shanower and published by Hungry Tiger Press.

New Edition, hardcover, with dust-jacket. 2006. Numerous black and white illustrations throughout. 186 pages. 

The Forbidden Fountain of Oz (hardcover)
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