The Magical Mimics in Oz (trade paperback)

Oz book #37! By Jack Snow, illustrated by Frank Kramer.

Snow’s first contribution to the series tells the tale of evil shape-shifting beings who had been imprisoned by the Fairy Queen Lurline when she enchanted the Land of Oz long ago. When Ozma and Glinda leave Oz on a mission across the Deadly Desert, the King and Queen of the Mimics find a way to break the spell and go in disguise to the unsuspecting citizens of Oz! Meanwhile, at the Mimics’ dread home at Mount Illuso in the land of the Phanfasms, Dorothy and the Wizard encounter the fairy princess Ozana, the Guardian of Mt. Illuso, along with a magical garden of story-telling flowers and village of pine people. Showing Snow’s careful study of Baum’s work, the story fits together the differing accounts of Lurline’s enchantment and Ozma’s origin while spinning a tale of mystery and mayhem.

This 1990 trade paperback includes a full-color cover, numerous B&W illustrations, and an afterword by Michael Gessel. 249 pages.

The Magical Mimics in Oz (trade paperback)
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