The Silver Princess in Oz (trade paperback)

Oz book #32! By Ruth Plumly Thompson, illustrated by John R. Neill.

Thompson’s next-to-last Oz book for Reilly & Lee brings science fiction elements into Oz. Following up on The Purple Prince of Oz, Kabumpo the Elegant Elephant finally pays his long overdue visit to his friend King Randy in Regalia. Anxious to escape the tedium of his royal duties, Randy and Kabumpo travel to Ev to visit the Red Jinn. But along the way, they stumble upon danger and trouble, including the natives of Hiber-Nation, who try to bury them, the bodiless residents of Headland, the extraterrestrial Princess Planetty and her fire-breathing Thunder Colt Thun, the boxed residents of Boxwood, and the dangerous revolutionary Gludwig!

This 1990 reprint of the original 1938 hardcover includes a full color cover, pictorial endpapers, numerous B&W illustrations, and an afterword by Thompson’s niece Dorothy Curtiss Maryott. 268 pp.

The Silver Princess in Oz (trade paperback)
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