Toto of Oz (hardcover)

Oz book #52! By Gina Wickwar, illustrated by Anna-Maria Cool. Written before The Hidden Prince of Oz but not published until 2006

A princess and royal pup vanish into thin air! A Kentucky pony and a little boy are magically whisked off to Oz. And Toto's growl? well, it's as lost as when Ugu the Shoemaker stole it. When things start disappearing in Oz and America, you know there has to be some mighty bad magic behind it all.The disappearance of his bride has caused the King of Kiltoon to ban just about everything fun and gay in his cozy Gillikin kingdom. Alarmed this will stir up rebellion, the Royal Poet Sonny Burns determines to find something that will cheer him up. At the same time, a growl-less Toto sets out for the deep, dark Gillikin forests to find the beasts who stole his growl. Eventually he meets an aristocratic guinea pig, the poet Sonny, a plaid Hoot Owl, and the two visitors from Kentucky. Joining forces, the adventurers soon realize that some mysterious magic keeps thwarting their goal of returning to Kiltoon. And they begin to suspect that it is Toto, Dorothy's very own royal dog, who is the cause of their misfortunes and the key to unraveling the secret of all these strange disappearances. An original publication of the International Wizard of Oz Club. 

This hardcover includes a full color cover dustjacket, numerous B&W illustrations, and a map of the part of the Gillikin Country in which the story takes place. 243 pages.

Toto of Oz (hardcover)
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