The Wishing Horse of Oz (12 color plates Cloth)

Oz book #29! By Ruth Plumly Thompson. Illustrated by John R. Neill. Thompson’s 15th Oz book begins in the kingdom of Skampavia, in the country of Noland. When the stingy King Skamperoo obtains magic emerald necklaces that grant him wishes, he uses them to summon forth a talking horse named Chalk. With his new royal steed, Skamperoo decides it’s time to take over Oz!

Ozma, however, is having a grand celebration to celebrate Dorothy and the Wizard, with virtually every character from the previous twenty-eight Oz books attending. At the banquet, the Soldier with the Green Whiskers' beard suddenly turns red! Taking precautions, Dorothy swallows a wishing pill and makes a wish just as the quadrant rulers disappear and everyone else proclaims Emperor Skamperoo their rightful ruler! Dorothy sneaks away to the west, where she seeks help from Kaliko, encounters a poetic pig, a strange seer, and Gloma the witch of the Black Forest!

This was the last of the original Oz books to include color plates, and all 12 are included here, along with numerous B&W illustrations, a full-color cover dustjacket, and informative afterword by David L. Green. 304 pages.

The Wishing Horse of Oz (12 color plates Cloth)
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