Yankee in Oz (Cloth)

Oz book #41! Written by Ruth Plumly Thompson and illustrated by Dick Martin. Maps by James E. Haff.

When a hurrican brings Tompy, a drummer boy to Oz, he meets Yankee, a space dog. In the town of Wackajammy, they learn that they are destined to rescue the missing princess. They soon meet the denizens of Tidy Town, and an idyllic community of "Lanternese" people who have Chinese paper lanterns for heads. On Upandup Mountain, they encounter Jinnicky the Red Jinn, but also a malevolent giant called Badmannah the Terrible!

Thompson wrote Yankee in Oz in 1959, but found no market and no publisher for another Oz book until 1972 when the International Wizard of Oz Club expressed interest, and published it as an oversized title. This is the new 2007 edition, reformatted in 6x9 hardcover to match the original Oz series.

New edition, hardcover w/dust jacket (2007). 203 pages.


Yankee in Oz (Cloth)
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