The Cowardly Lion of Oz (Del Rey) 

Oz book #17! By Ruth Plumly Thompson. Illustrated by John R. Neill.

Notta Bit More, a circus clown, accidently utters the magic word that sends him and Bob Up, a shy orphan boy from the U.S. to the Munchkin Kingdom of Mudge. Mudge is ruled by the irascible Mustafa, who sends them off to capture the famous Cowardly Lion for the royal menagerie. What is the secret mission that sends the Cowardly Lion away from the Emerald City? Why does he allow himself to be captured by the clown and the boy? The two parties meet up and together with Nickadoddle, a bird with a telephone beak they escape from the Skyle of Un, and the bottled city of Preservatory. As they head for Mudge they meet a man from the stone age, who agrees to help them defeat Mustafa. Unfortunately he has an agenda of his own. In the exciting conclusion Notta enlists the help of Ozma and the Wizard who rush to Mudge to late to save the Cowardly Lion from a hard cruel fate.

Del Rey paperback, with exclusive cover by Michael Herring. Includes numerous B&W illustrations and reprint of Oz maps by James E. Haaf and Dick Martin. 1985, 252 pages.

The Cowardly Lion of Oz (Del Rey) 
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