Kabumpo in Oz (Del Rey)

Oz book #16! By Ruth Plumly Thompson. Illustrated by John R. Neill

We meet Kabumpo the elegant elephant as he accompanies Prince Pompadore who seeks to marry a proper princess. The entire kingdom of Pumperdick is threatened with destruction if the prince does not marry in the proper time. Pompadore heads to the Emerald City to ask Ozma for her hand in marriage but their plans are disrupted by Ruggedo, the wicked former Gnome King. He has set up shop under Ozma's palace where he finds a box of mixed magic. Ruggedo manages to accidently grow to giant size and carry the entire castle away, with all of our favorite residents inside! Peg Amy a live wooden doll, and her protector Wag the rabbit have the secret that can shrink Ruggedo down to size and save the Emerald City. Can Pompadore, Peg Amy, Wag and Kabumpo save the day and spare Pumperdink? How did Peg Amy come to life, and why is Pumperdink being threatened. One of Thompson's most charming stories!

Del Rey paperback, with exclusive cover by Michael Herring. Includes numerous B&W illustrations and reprint of Oz maps by James E. Haaf and Dick Martin. 1985, 259 pages.

Kabumpo in Oz (Del Rey)
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