The Lost King of Oz (Del Rey)

Oz book #19! By Ruth Plumly Thompson. Illustrated by John R. Neill.

Mombi, who has done more damage than the Wicked Witch of the West, sets out to find the Lost King of Oz who she enchanted many years before. Pajuka the Goose, and Snip, a lively Gilliken boy assist her. Dorothy manages to wish her way to California with unfortunate results. She returns to Oz with a live motion picture dummy dressed as a king. Snip is thrown down a well by Mombi, but rescues a tailor with magic ears, from the underground city of Blankenberg. Kabumpo the Elegant Elephant carries the entire party to the Emerald City, but a magic feather has lured Ozma, the Wizard, and the other Oz characters to the deserted kingdom of Morrow. Will the Lost King be found, and will he reclaim the throne of Oz from Ozma?

Del Rey paperback, with exclusive cover by Michael Herring. Includes numerous B&W illustrations and reprint of Oz maps by James E. Haaf and Dick Martin. 1985, 236 pages.


The Lost King of Oz (Del Rey)
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