The Royal Book of Oz (Del Rey)

Oz book #15! By Ruth Plumly Thompson. Illustrated by John R. Neill. The first Oz book written by someone other than L. Frank Baum.

Professor Wogglebug is going to become the Grand Geneologist of Oz. This sends the Scarecrow off to the Munchkin farm where he was made in search of his family tree. When he investigates the pole where Dorothy originally found him, he slides down into a subterranean kingdom, where he is hailed as Emperor. He soon finds that dealing with his three underhanded sons and his many grandchildren who do not believe in Oz, is quite a trial. When they plan to restore him to his original and very decrepit body he plans to escape. Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion go looking for the Scarecrow and end up rescuing a knight several centuries old, from the slowest kingdom in Oz. During the journey they befriend the Comfortable Camel and the Doubtful Dromedary before they finally reach the sunken kingdom of the Silver Island. Will they be in time to rescue the Scarecrow before he undergoes the terrible transformation into a real person?

This is the first of the 21 Oz Books written by Ruth Plumbly Thompson after the death of L. Frank Baum.

Del Rey paperback, with exclusive cover by Michael Herring. Includes numerous B&W illustrations and reprint of Oz maps by James E. Haaf and Dick Martin. 1985, 263 pages.

The Royal Book of Oz (Del Rey)
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