Collected Short Stories of L. Frank Baum (hardcover)

Book #11 of the Borderlands of Oz books! While best known for his fantasy novels, L. Frank Baum was also a prolific short story writer. He was published in magazines and newspapers of the day, as well as in his own anthologies, and this volume reprints seventy-five of those stories, many published in a book for the first time.

These stories run the gamut of Baum’s career, from his first published fiction to his later years. Baum delved in many different types of stories, including realistic fiction, ghost stories, mysteries, science fiction, and (of course) fantasies for children, all of which are represented here.

Included are the stories from the collections Mother Goose in Prose (Baum’s first published book), American Fairy Tales -- plus three additional stories from a later edition -- and Animal Fairy Tales -- plus two more stories that Baum may have originally intended to be part of Animal Fairy Tales. Many stories have their original illustrations, from such noted artists as John R. Neill, Maxfield Parrish, Ralph Fletcher Seymour, George Kerr, Ike Morgan, Harry Kennedy, N. P. Hall, and Frederick Richardson. Stories that did not originally have illustrations have been newly illustrated by Dick Martin, Bill Eubank, Eric Shanower, and John Mundt.

L. Frank Baum, as creator of Oz, was the original Royal Historian of Oz, who wrote fourteen Oz novels and many short stories. Oz was only a part of what he wrote, however, and The Collected Short Stories of L. Frank Baum is an excellent example of his fertile imagination at work.

New edition, hardcover in dust jacket, 2006. Numerous black and white illustrations throughout. 580 pages.


Collected Short Stories of L. Frank Baum (hardcover)
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