Curious Cruise of Captain Santa (trade paperback)

Ahoy, Santa!  

The Curious Cruise of Captain Santa is one of the very best non-Oz collaborations of any Oz author or illustrator and in this case, you get two: Ruth Plumly Thompson and John R. Neill. Originally published in 1926 by Reilly & Lee, this is the original 1985 reprint by the International Wizard of Oz Club.

Santa wants to find a new toys, so Jim, the adopted chimney sweep, Hugger the serious Polar Bear, Penny the motherly penguin, and Santa set off in the good ship Chimneypot to find the island of the Live Toys. Grand adventures as they meet Neptune, find a cannibal island (stereotypical pictures), and sail beneath the sunset to Rocking Island and finally to Doll Island. The dolls long to become Christmas presents, and, though the life goes out of them when they reach the real world, Santa is sure that "they will come alive again if they are loved enough." 

Trade paperback, 1985. 127 pages.

Curious Cruise of Captain Santa (trade paperback)
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