Sissajig and Other Surprises (trade paperback)

Book #15 of the Borderlands of Oz books. By Ruth Plumly Thompson, edited by Ruth Berman and Douglas G. Greene.

This 2002 volume collects various stories and poems by Thompson, originally published between 1915 and 1962, mostly from her work for the Philadelphia Public Ledger, King Comics, and Jack and Jill Magazine. The first two stories, Adventures in Sissajig and Tommy and the Flying Slippers, are longer ones serialized in 1942 and 1943 that take a young boy from Philadelphia to the Kingdom of Sissajig, a fairyland where most things that are round here are square or rectangular. There is considerable overlap with her Oz work, including the inclusion of the character Bustabo from Ozoplaning with the Wizard of Oz, although he is much friendlier here. Other stories feature locations that would later be incorporated into Oz, like Pumperdink, Sun Top Mountain, and the Kingdom of Patch. There are traditional fairy tales, comic pieces, serial stories of the Perhappsy Chaps, and advertising bits. It ends with the script for A Day in Oz, a short play Thompson wrote to promote the Oz series.

Trade paperback includes numerous B&W illustrations by Mildred Boyle, Arthur Henderson, Charles J. Coll, and Dick Martin, and an introduction by Ruth Berman. 230 pp.

Sissajig and Other Surprises (trade paperback)
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