Bibliographia Baumiana Hardcover Edition (Non-Member)

In 1976, the International Wizard of Oz Club published Bibliographia Oziana: A Concise Bibliographical Checklist of the Oz Books by L. Frank Baum and His Successors, a pioneering reference work for collectors of the original Oz books. Now, more than four decades later, the Oz Club has published the long-awaited companion volume, Bibliographia Baumiana.

This comprehensive bibliography of the non-Oz books by L. Frank Baum goes into exquisite detail about every known printing of every book submitted for publication during his lifetime, enough to satisfy the most particular researcher, collector, book seller, or book restorer. Introductory  material in each section provides biographical and historical context for each of Baum’s literary projects, and the bibliographical material is supplemented by 48 pages of color plates, an extensive set of appendices, and a full index.

Compiler W. Neal "Bill" Thompson is a software engineer in Rochester, New York, and the auctioneer for the International Wizard of Oz Club. For Bibliographia Baumiana, he had access to earlier research by Peter Hanff and the late Patrick Maund, noted Oz and Baum scholars and researchers in their own right who, like Thompson, had special interest in the bibliography and publishing history of the Oz and Baum books.

Available in hardcover (smyth-sewn for durability) and paperback editions, 2017. Illustrated with photographs of books, including 48 color plates. 419 pages.

Bibliographia Baumiana Hardcover Edition (Non-Member)
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