Twinkle & Chubbins (hardcover)

Book #8 of the Borderlands of Oz books! By L. Frank Baum, illustrated by Maginel Wright Enright. Originally written in 1906 and published separately under the pseudonym Laura Bancroft, these six novellas were brought together in 1911, and reprinted in this facsimile edition in 1987. The stories tell of the adventures of two American children who explore what Baum called “Nature’s Fairyland," and serve as a forerunner to Baum’s Policeman Bluejay, which also feature the protagonists Twinkle and Chubbins in their final adventure.

Beyond the edge of civilization, magic occurs every day. There a little girl named Twinkle, sometimes accompanied by her friend Chubbins, encounters wise and whimsical animals. They also meet the Corrugated Giant, Princess Sakareen of Sugar-Loaf Mountain, and the Prairie Dog Town magician Mr. Presto Digi

Includes: A new introduction by Michael Patrick Hearn

  • Mr. Woodchuck
  • Bandit Jim Crow
  • Prairie-Dog Town
  • Prince Mud-Turtle
  • Twinkle’s Enchantment
  • Sugar-Loaf Mountain

Hardcover, 1987. 384 pages.

Twinkle & Chubbins (hardcover)
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