The Enchanted Island of Oz (hardcover)

Oz book #42! Written by Ruth Plumly Thompson and illustrated by Dick Martin.

This book is the last of Thompson's 21 novels about the Land of Oz. It tells the story of David Perry, a boy from Pennsylvania who, while visiting a circus, wishes that a camel can talk. He is amazed when his wish is granted, and discovers that he possesses a magic wishing button! David nicknames the talking camel Humpty Bumpty, and together they embark on a whirlwind tour of strange lands, including Somewhere, Dwindlebury, and the flying island of Kapurta (the Enchanted Island of the title). They meet a host of strange characters, including the Water Lily, Queen Else of Somewhere, and a dragon named Dismocolese. 

Thompson originally wrote this story in the 1950's and refashioned it as Oz novel for publication. Charming, sweet, funny and ultimately touching, this final Thompson book is a must-read for Oz enthusiasts, as well as fans of children's fantasy in general. One need not have read other Oz books before picking Enchanted Island up, and if this would be your introduction to Oz you'd not be disappointed.

Ruth Plumly Thompson became the Royal Historian of Oz following L. Frank Baum's death, and from 1921 through 1939 penned 19 Oz books, among them some of the finest in the series. In the 1970's Thompson released two more Oz books through the International Wizard of Oz Club, 1972's Yankee in Oz and this, her last Oz work, The Enchanted Island of Oz, published shortly after her death in 1976.

New Edition, hardcover, 2006. Numerous black and white illustrations throughout. 149 pages. 

The Enchanted Island of Oz (hardcover)
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