The Hidden Prince of Oz (deluxe limited edition)

Oz book #51! By Gina Wickwar. Illustrated by Anna-Maria Cool.

The winner of the Club’s Centennial contest, Wickwar’s 2000 story features old friends and new. When American orphan Emma Lou finds a magic beaded bracelet, she uses it to bring a cigar store Indian to life and transport them both to Silica, a kingdom in the Munchkin Country that is planning a glassworks dedication to which the Glass Cat has been invited. Princess Vitrea recognizes the beads as a gift for her long-missing fiancé, Prince Cyan of the Blue Mountain, and organizes a search party to find out what became of him. Her uncle Vitriol, however, wants the magic beads for himself. Meanwhile, the former sorcerer Zeebo has disappeared, and his pets, Penny the Teacup Poodle and Beak the Parrot, set out to find him, meeting a feathered boa named Ketzal and a leprechaun called Paddy O’Paint along the way. The Tin Woodman and the Wizard of Oz join to uncover the mystery of the missing prince.

Wickwar is a lifelong Oz fan who wrote her master’s thesis on L. Frank Baum and his books at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks.

This signed, limited edition deluxe hardcover includes a slipcase, full color cover dustjacket & numerous B&W illustrations. 304 pages.

The Hidden Prince of Oz (deluxe limited edition)
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