Oziana 2015

Traditional Oz

Table of Contents

The Malevolent Mannequin in Oz, by Joe Bongiorno; illustrated by David Bishop: So, you think Mombi is the Wicked Witch of the North, eh? What happens when she runs into something even more wicked than she is?

Tin Man, by A. Waller Hastings; illustrated by John R. Neill: Is this a description of Oscar Diggs, or of humanity in general? You decide

Prince Pompadore in Oz, by Nathan M. DeHoff; illustrated by Dennis Anfuso: This tale, featuring Pompa from Ruth Plumly Thompson's Kabumpo in Oz, is written by tried and true Oz scholar Nathan M. DeHoff, who regales us with the further adventures of the prince of Pumperdink!

Edited by Marcus Mebes. Front cover by David Bishop; Back cover by Isabelle Melancon

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Oziana 2015
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