Oziana 2014

Mixed Oz

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Lost and Never Found, by David Tai and Jared David; illustrated by Dennis Anfuso: The antics of Trot and Betsy will have you on pins and needles... waiting to find out if they can figure out what was lost and how to find it again. Or whether anything was lost at all.

Labor of Love, written and illustrated by Kim McFarland: Presented, for your consideration, is a hypothetical situation that addresses a deep question. If people can fall in love in Oz, and have children... why couldn't creatures that are magically brought to life?

Theresa's Pink Road, by Theresa McMillan; illurated by Arthur Clippe: A journey of personal growth

The New Fellow, by J.L. Bell; illustrated by David Bishop: There's a new face in the Emerald City menagerie. The other animals and celebrities of Ozma's court learn that sometimes pride and pomposity cover up love and generosity.

Rob Zombie in Oz, by Aaron Solomon Adelman; illustrated by John Troutman: It's an alternate Oz... a "through the mirror darkles... or, rather, weirdly" Oz, where Magic Land and elements from the Oz Film Manufacturing Company mash up and conspire to frustrate General Jinjur.

Roselawn, by Jared David; illustrated by David Baker: Sometimes there are no happy endings for certain stories. Sometimes we need to grow up and grow strong because of it. This story is a follow-up to Baum's Dot and Tot of Merryland.

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Oziana 2014
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