The Wizard of Way-Up (hardcover)

Borderlands of Oz book #14! By Ruth Plumly Thompson. Illustrated by Marge, Arthur Henderson, Chas J. Coll, Dick Martin & others.

For fans of classic children's literature and those interested in fun and charming children's fantasy stories, this exciting reprint of the 1932 anthology of fairy tales and poems originally appeared in newspapers, magazines, and other journals, such as the Philadelphia Public Ledger, King Comics, Jack and Jill, and the Baum Bugle, and here appear together for the first time!

Hardcover, 186 pages. Numerous B&W illustrations.

Includes “An Ozzy Adventure,” “The Enchanted Tree of Oz” and the hard-to-find sequel shorts to Thompson’s book King Kojo!

The Kojo and Wizard of Way-Up stories, as well as a few others, were later brought into Oz continuity.


Introduction by Douglas G. Greene

The Wizard of Way-Up: Chapters I to VIII

Birds Don't Peel Their Feathers

The Magic Cloak


Rockinghorse Hill

The Jack of Spades

The Enchanted Hat


An Ozzy Adventure

Sunday Morning

The Prince of the Gelatin Isles

The Bright Lad and the Giant


The Ray Knights

Perhappsy Adventures: 

The Toys in the Land of Play

The Fairies' Dance

The Magic Tree

The Wizard's Christmas Invention

A Comical State O' Things

Higgelty Piggelty

The Cloud's Lullaby

The Sea Santa

What Happened to the Scarecrow

How Time Flies

The Wizard and His Purple Beard

The Artist and the Cow

Adventures of the China Chaps

The Land of Nod

Seeress of Saucerville

A Funny Little Beast

Tales of King Kojo

The Wiseman of Ob

The Wizard of Whatintot

A Wiseman Brings His Present to the King

An English Garden

The Sailmender of Dover

Princess White Mouse

The Land Who Found His Fortune

The Little Light Fairy

The Little Gray People Who Come Out at Night

The Flask with the Golden Stopper

A Fairy Fact

Rob Rabbit

The Sensible Goose

Supposyville Stories

Pink Mondays in Supposyville

The Wicked Stranger's Visit to Supposyville

A New Invention

Lucky Peter

The Enchanted Tree of Oz

The Apple Pie Princess

The Wizard of Way-Up and King Ripitik the Tenth: Chapters I – X

The Wizard of Way-Up (hardcover)
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