Oziana 2018

Oziana 2018: Collects unique tales involving some popular Ozian celebrities, as well as some obscure Ozian personages. Some of these stories were submitted to the 2018 International Wizard of Oz Club creative writing contest.

Table of Contents

Cover: "Omby's Sword Dance," by Brian Russel

Poem: "The Brains, the Heart, the Courage, and Home," by Momina Arif of Pakistan

Story: "The Strongman of Oz," by Jared Davis and Jonathan Miranda. Illustrated by Sam Milazzo. A co-worker of Oscar Diggs finds himself in the Kingdom of Dreams!

Story: "The Fabulous Frogman and the Faith of Freakish Friends," by Joe Bongiorno. Illustrated by Darrell Spradlyn. A sequel to Eric Shanower's Oziana 1990 story "The Final Fate of the Frogman."

Story: "Himself," by David Tallman. Illustrated by Brian Russell. A sequel to Ruth Plumly Thompson's Handy Mandy in Oz, featuring the titular elf!

Back cover: "Ease On Down the Road," by Kim McFarland

Oziana 2018
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