Winter 1992


Baum Bugle Volume 36, Number 3, Winter 1992

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Cover features an adaptation of a John R. Neill illustration from Glinda of Oz; back cover features a Chinese language poster advertising Return to Oz, translated “The Adventure of the Devil from the Sky.”

Issue includes “Imperial Oz: Ozma and the Nome Kingdom,” by Kenneth R. Shepard/“Maxims for Moppets,” by Fredrick E. Otto and Marc Berezin outlining Baum’s dedication to moral principals in his writings/“The First Tin Man of the MGM Classic: An Interview with Buddy Ebsen,” conducted by Aljean Harmetz gives the reader an insightful look into the original casting for the Tin Man/“Mary Cowles Clark,” by Kathleen Kelly and Fred M. Meyer describes Baum’s relationship with Clark and her work as an illustrator for Baum’s The Life & Adventures of Santa Claus/“The ‘Our Landlady’ Columns of L. Frank Baum,” by Nancy Tystad Koupal is a condensed article for Our Landlady, discussing Baum’s early work in Aberdeen/“She Raises the Price of Board but Lowers It Again Through Stern Necessity,” by L. Frank Baum is an early short essay/“The Short Life of Return To Oz Collectibles,” by William Stillman describes the perils experienced by Disney following the 1985 release of Return To Oz/“Walt Disney’s Return To Oz Character Merchandise Checklist,” compiled by Ruth Berman, gives a detailed list of the various merchandising products associated with the 1985 release of Return To Oz/Letter From The Editor/Oz and Ends discusses the influence of The Wizard of Oz on the writings of Salmon Rushdie; a modern theatrical production called The Ozard of Wiz; a new Oz game for the Super Nintendo; Oz at the Polls and the political connections between political candidates and Oz; a review of Scraps! The Ragtime Girl of Oz stage production in Maryland; and a description of a new Planet Hollywood restaurant in New York City called Ruby Red Shoes/Letters to the Editor/An Oz Quiz/Oz Behind the Footlights/The Oz Bookshelf /Oz in the News

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